Curly Hair Tips

Now I have a good friend whose hair is naturally curly, real corkscrew curls that I simply adore.

Yes! you could even say that I am jealous! It hasn’t always been easy though and I have lost count of the hours, days, and weeks where I have had to sympathize with her about the traumas that can come with taking care of curly hair – you know frizz, breakages, etc.

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Some days, she was literally reduced to tears because she couldn’t cope with the demands of her unruly hair.

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Well, there came a time that I just couldn’t see or watch those tears anymore – so being the good friend that I am (she will vouch for that!) – I did some research and started to teach her how best to take care of her curly mass of hair.

My friend hasn’t looked back since and her hair always looks immaculate even when she hasn’t done anything special with it. She wears her mane with pride and turns heads at every corner – even now I can’t believe the change in her – a newfound confidence and if you like – a new woman.

So, getting to the point – I want to share those exact same tips with you today in my article about keeping curls in top condition. 

If you, like my friend, have gone through or still are going through a love/hate relationship with your curls, then it is time to change that attitude and make steps towards caring for your hair in the best possible way.

Find a Stylist with Curly Hair

On the day that I decided to help my friend and banish her hair problems for good – I dragged her down to a local salon where I knew of a great stylist with curly hair. 

It should have been obvious that a stylist who has curls themselves, is going to know a great deal more about how to cut and style curly hair.

She looked so stunning when she stepped out there, I wish I had called for a red carpet to really capture the moment!

Identify What Type of Curls You Have

Having a good stylist is perhaps the first step, but you also have to know how to take care of your hair every other day of the year. It may sound stupid, as you have already spent every day of your lives with your curls, but take a moment to get to know your hair.

By this, I mean identifying the type of curls you have and also the texture of your hair. This is going to help you when choosing products that are best for your curls. My friend also had very fine hair, so she had to take that into account when choosing the right conditioner, etc.

Avoid Washing Your Hair too Often

One fault that many people make is washing their hair too often. This can further dry out hair that in the case of curly types, can be dry anyway. Wash hair twice a week and use a daily leave-in conditioner. This is the best practice for keeping curly hair healthy and shiny.

Blot Dry the Hair with a Towel after Washing

Never rub or pull around with the hair after washing, just blotting it with a towel so that it is partially dry is the best way. 

Let it dry naturally then if you can instead of using a hairdryer – a tool you should only use for emergencies. Also, use a wide-toothed comb to prevent snagging the hair and damaging it.

That were just some of my essential tips for caring for your beautiful curls. Most importantly though, learn to love what you have and make the most of it – dress your hair up with accessories to accentuate a man that deserves to be noticed!