Fun Ways to Wear a Plain White Tshirt

I love wearing a white tee shirt, it looks neat and fresh and one of my favorites is the Hanes t-shirt considering that the shirt can be played up with anything.

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Anything you desired can be done while wearing a plain white t-shirt, same like a blank canvas where you can play it dress up or dress it down aside from the fact that it is one of the important parts of a college girl’s wardrobe.

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You can get a Hanes T-shirt for less than $5 therefore, it is unnecessary to purchase a designer white tee that normally costs at least $50. This means your plain-looking Hanes t-shirt will do the trick if you know how to play it up in some ways and power up the volume.

1.) Layer It

It is usually easy and fun to put on the season’s colorful tanks under your own plain white t-shirt. The white tee softens these types of striking shades and just outsets underneath of the tank top. This way, your plain-looking tee will no longer appear as an ordinary t-shirt.

2. Dress It Up

Wish to use your basic white t-shirt to a party? Simply match it using a stylish pair of blue denim or perhaps an adorable dark sequin mini skirt. You can also layer a lot of fancy necklaces and pearl jewelry as your accents. For sure everybody is going to be fascinated by your accessories, and they don’t know that you’re donning merely a simple white t-shirt.

3. Be Interview Savvy

Military Blazer is one of spring’s signature trends that never run out of style. This is a perfect piece to wear when you are having an informal meeting. So wear your white tee underneath your blazer, and you are ready to go.

4. High Waist It

Wearing a simple white t-shirt has a great draping impact if you tuck it in with your high skirt or shorts. It looks fresh and crisp without trying it harder.

5. Wear a Vest

Adding a vest to your plain white t-shirt is fun too, you can try looking for a vest in the sale section of your favorite store or perhaps in the Salvation Army.

6. Pair It with a Scarf

This is a laid-back look that is good enough to wear to go out on a first date or go to a class. Match it with the top colorful scarf to allow the scarf to hold the spotlight.