How to Care for Split Ends 

Split ends and damaged hair, I hate them personally, which is why I quickly learned the tricks of keeping them at bay. Split ends cause tangles and they just look awful!

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You won’t want to wear your hair down – instead tie it back, wrapping it up in a bun or similar style – but you simply can’t hide from them!

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You have to put a plan into action to restore your hair’s natural beauty and to wear your hair with pride – because it deserves it and you deserve it.

You are going to find some very useful information in this article that will point you in the right direction when caring for split ends, tricks to make them less obvious, and ways to prevent them from getting out of control. Don’t hold back – read on to eliminate flyaway hair:

Trim Hair on a Regular Basis – First things first. Probably one of the most important ways to keep split ends under control is to get your hair trimmed on a regular basis – about every two months. If you choose not to get a regular trim, the split ends will increase their existence by moving up the length of the hair’s shaft.

Some styling products can do more damage than good, try to limit the use of styling products where you can to stop split ends from being an issue with your hair.

Put some thought into which brushes or combs you purchase. After washing your hair, use a wide-toothed comb and use it to work through small sections at a time – don’t pull on the hair which will cause breakage and in turn, split ends. If your brush has plastic bristles – get rid, instead, it is far better to use one with natural bristles.

We all know that dry hair is the main cause of breakages and also split ends so do all you can to prevent the hair from drying out. Remember that it is not essential to wash the hair daily, rather 2 – 3 times a week is more than enough and will give you a better chance of fending off split ends.

If your hair does tend to be dry then using an intensive conditioning treatment once a week such as hot oil one will build up more protection against dry and damaged hair. Furthermore, a leave-in conditioner on the days you do wash will endorse healthy, well-moisturized hair.

If your haircut is particularly long then you are more at risk of split ends. The longer the hair is the older it is and therefore it has had to put up with a lot more treatments and styling. Over time, even the strongest and healthiest of hairs may give way to some form of breakage such as split ends.

Examine the state of your hair, if the split ends are severe, it might be worth contemplating changing to a shorter style.

Try and give your hair some time to relax. By this, I mean laying off chemical treatments such as coloring, heat styling such as straightening irons and just offering basic care – an occasional wash, good conditioner, gentle combing/brushing, and allowing it to dry naturally. Your hair will thank you for it.