How to Choose Very Short Hair Styles

Many women may find it very challenging to learn how to choose very Short Hair Styles or Short Hair Cut. We all want to be beautiful and the manner in which we cut and style our hair has a direct impact on our overall appearance. Long hair is often very complicated to contend with. It can tangle easy, it can be very hard to style, and it can get so heavy that it is actually uncomfortable.

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If you want to cut your hair short, there are many considerations to be made in order to determine the right style for you. In this guide, I will share some simple steps on how to choose very Short Hair Cut.

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The first step to choosing a very short hair style is to ensure that you know the shape of your face. You will need to match the shape of your face to hairstyles that are complimentary to that shape in order to ensure that you choose the best haircut for you as an individual. We often desire certain hairstyles because they look great on our favorite actress or singer.

We may like a haircut because we saw it in a fashion magazine or even on a coworker. The fact is, though, not all haircuts are considered to compliment each person in the same way. Finding your facial shape is the core component to success when you are learning how to choose very short hair styles.


There are seven basic face shapes. These include “Diamond”, “Heart”, “Oval”, “Rectangle”, “Round”, “Square”, and “Triangular”. Most all hairstyles that you are interested in will be appropriate to one or more of these facial shapes. By knowing the different types of facial shapes, you will be able to determine your shape much easier.

The most effective strategy for finding your face shape is to pull back your hair, stand in front of a mirror, and using a washable marker outline the shape of your face. Then, match it to one of the shapes listed here.


If you have a “Diamond” face shape, you will need to get a very short haircut that is narrow in the cheekbone area and wide in the area of the forehead.


If you have a “Heart” shape face, a very short haircut like a bob that is layered or a cut that is considered to be “Asymmetrical” will be appropriate for you.


If you are an “Oval” face shape, just about any type of very short haircut will be appropriate and will compliment your appearance.


If your face shape is “Rectangular”, be sure to get a very short haircut that helps to disguise a long forehead shape and comes to about chin level.


If you have a “Round” face shape, get a very short haircut that softens the cheeks and has a number of layers. Short hair cuts that include curls are also quite complimentary to this face shape.


The “Square” shaped face will benefit from a short haircut that has graduated layers and moderate amounts of volume.


If your face is considered to be “Triangular”, you will have the flexibility to choose any type of very short haircut that you like, but it is best to avoid styles that make the top have a lot of volume.

There are many steps when it comes to learning how to choose Very Short Hair Style. If you follow the steps contained within this guide, you are likely to come out with a style that fits you perfectly. Remember; choose a style based on your facial shape, not the latest trends.