How to Clear Acne Fast Naturally

Although more common in teenagers going through puberty, acne can come on in adulthood too – hormone imbalances and other factors can cause acne to appear when you least expect it.

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It is a worrying matter and for many, it can cause more severe damage to confidence and personal pride.

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Acne is not a case of just not washing the skin as I know many people who have had acne and otherwise lead a careful and precise beauty regime. Left without attention though and an unwillingness to resolve the problem could lead to bad scarring and a ruddy complexion.

There are plenty of drugs that claim to get rid of acne at incredible rates – but before you spend all your pay packet on medications, creams, etc – start the journey of overcoming acne through natural methods within the home.

First, do the things that you can without spending a lot of dollars and help speed up the process of clearing acne the natural way.

Acne is often a sign that too many toxins are running through your body and for most acne sufferers, a few changes in your lifestyle can be all it takes. If after some time of following the guidelines in this article, you fear that there has not been a great improvement then don’t hesitate to get further advice from your doctor.

It may be that certain medications will be required to balance out hormones or sebum levels before you can successfully notice a transformation of the skin’s condition.

Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

You can help clear up your acne faster by cleaning the body of toxins both internally and on the surface. A healthy diet will help too – although it is a common myth that certain foods can cause acne, it always helps to eat a balanced and healthy diet to allow the body to function properly.

Drink lots of Water

Never forget the importance of drinking LOTS of water. Water flushes out the body of any nasty toxins. In the first case, if you were to detox and drink more water/fluids you might notice that the acne increases.

Don’t be put off though – the skin, after the lungs is the second most used organ to eliminate toxins, and if there is a build-up in the body then they have to come out somewhere. Stick with the routine of drinking plenty of water and after time you will notice the benefits and the skin will become clearer.

Take Vitamin A, C, and E

Vitamins A, C and E are vital for the health of your skin, both repairing any damage and preventing more. Fruit and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals that you should take advantage of to speed up the process of curing acne.

Bump up your intake of foods such as shellfish and wheat bran which are high in zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral to repair the skin, help the healing of scars and control sebum levels.

Avoid Touching your Face

For external cleansing, make sure that you never pick at your acne or touch the face with your hands, especially if they are dirty. You might want to make sure that your pillow is cleaned regularly, more than just once a week, and if you can, use silk pillows which are far more gentle on the skin.

Steam Your Face to Open the Pores

Steaming your face once a week either over a bowl of hot water at home or at a local sauna facility will help to dislodge deep-bedded dirt and toxins. The skin will sweat, opening pores, and can help to clear acne quicker.

After steaming, make sure the skin is cleaned thoroughly but gently (no rubbing) and apply cold water to close the pores again. Exercise will also help to improve blood circulation and get rid of toxin buildup.