How to Cut Your Own Hair (Cutting Your Own Hair)

How To Cut Your Own Hair – Cutting your Own Hair – Have you ever wondered if you could cut the costs of a trip to the salon by cutting or trimming your own hair? Well you can and it really is not as hard as you might have thought it to be. It is a big first step to cutting your own hair but after a few goes at it, it will become second nature.

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You don’t need to splash out on fancy equipment neither, you surely have a comb, a mirror and the only other thing you will need is scissors especially to cut the hair (Don’t make the mistake of using paper scissors whatever you do!)

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When I say cutting or trimming – I mean just that. Unless you have studied the art of hairstyling, I would never suggest that you try to give yourself a new style – but rather learn how to maintain your existing style. If you have naturally curly hair, it can be more difficult to trim up than those with straight hair – so if you are in any doubts I would continue going to the salon.

Here are a few pointers to have a look through before we get down to business:


It is recommended to cut hair when it is wet or at least damp. If you choose to cut hair when it is bone dry, there is a higher chance of breakage or split ends.


Be patient when cutting your hair and go through it taking small sections at a time rather than large clumps.


If you want an overall shorter cut to your existing style, again be patient and cut little by little. If you are not careful you could end up with uneven lengths that will bring on another attempt to cut it – before you know you will end up with a Pixie do!


One method is to throw your hair forward in front of your face and cut an even line across. This will, once flipped back over, create a more natural form as opposed to seriously straight.


Before you try to cut your hair at home – be tentative in your last cut at the salon. Watching them or asking for tips will give you a better idea on how to perform maintenance at home.

Now when you are ready, just check you have the relevant tools at hand and a mirror which allows you to see the back image of your hair as well as the front. In preparation for trimming your hair at home, wash and condition as you usually would. Then dry the hair enough that it is no longer dripping, followed by a good comb through the lengths to take out any tangles.

For shorter hairstyles: Using a comb, ease a small section of the hair away from the head and take it firmly between the middle finger and index finger. Position the fingers towards the end and aim to trim about half an inch to an inch. Continue around the head making sure you are trimming the same amount each time. You will get a feel for it as to how far the finger glides over the strands before trimming.

For longer hairstyles: Easier still, comb through sections of the hair and trim the ends piece by piece until they are even.

Remember to take your time when Cutting Your Own Hair – there is no need to rush. If you are still not convinced, book a hair appointment for the following day – just in case!