How to Grow Hair Fast (Grow Long Hair)

How to Grow Hair Fast – Has the question of How to Grow Long Hair ever gone through your mind? It might be that you had a bad experience the last time you had your hair cut – you went too short or your stylist got too snip happy.

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I know some of you are praying to find out how to make the hair grow faster so my intentions of writing this article is to share some of my tips of speeding up the process.

You should understand though, that there really are no miracles to rapid hair growth and you are not going to wake up one morning a completely new woman – it will take some time and you have to be patient.

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However, time aside – there certainly are a few proven benefits to maintaining your hair in the best possible condition, which will in turn give you an advantage in growing the hair long.


If you desperately require an instant transformation to long hair, the only way is to have extensions. You can use temporary or permanent methods to add both volume and length to your own hair. I might like to add though, that if you can hold out – letting your hair grow long without cheating will be better in the long run as some extensions can damage your own hair.


I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but anyone who has thinning hair, fine hair or badly damaged hair – you are going to have the hardest time when attempting to grow the hair long. It is just because these hair types are generally weaker and you might have to regularly trim them to keep the ends in good condition.


For anyone though, don’t be fooled in thinking that hair will grow longer if you entirely avoid having a trim. Go at least once every 2-3 months to trim the ends. The longer the hair is, the more tendency it has for split ends – which ultimately don’t give a very desirable look.


One of the main protagonists to healthy hair is a healthy diet. In particular, nutritionists claim that a diet with sufficient amounts of protein, vitamins A, B, C, E and K will be helpful when you wish to grow long hair.

Try increasing your dosage of protein rich foods such as oily fish, seeds and nuts. Also soy products and dark leafy veg should be included in your diet. On a general note, a bad diet can lead to many health problems whether big or small. Any stress put on the body will have bad side affects on your hair too – cut down on the nasties such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt and if I can also include smoking to that list.


It is worth investing in a good hairbrush and comb that will be gentle on your hair and once a week using an intensive conditioner on the lengths of the hair. Ditch the ‘wash and go’ attitude – instead take a little extra time to really massage your scalp when washing. This will increase blood flow to the head and stimulate the hair follicles to grow.


One last tip for anyone who wants to Grow Hair Fast– remember that obsessive brushing, the use of styling tools, coloring, chlorine and too much sun/cold exposure can damage the hair and slow down the growing process. If you feel comfortable to – wear a hat when the sun’s rays are too strong or if there is a frost outside. Otherwise use a leave in conditioner with protective ingredients against the elements.