How to Keep Frizzy Hair Smooth in Humidity

How to Keep Frizzy Hair Smooth in Humidity – Humidity can quickly move a stylish look to a bad hair day and can make a bad hair day into a nightmare. Humidity has been the bane of many women. It can convert hair that looked exceptional into a frizzy mess conspicuously perched atop one’s head. However, the effect is not only on aesthetical appeal. It also leads to brittleness and breakage.

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So how does one deal with humidity? Obviously, it can never be completely eliminated from the surface of the earth; the best you can do is to take appropriate measures to protect your hair during humidity. Let us look at a number of the measures you can take.

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Understand what type of hair you have; is it light or thick?

To effectively manage or prevent frizzy hair due to humidity, ensure you wash and condition it using shampoos and hydrating conditioners that are appropriate for your type of hair. If your hair is thick and wavy, it is recommended that you use deep conditioners that can reach the innermost recesses of your hair. If the hair is thin, use a volumizing conditioner, it helps spread out the hair giving and prevents it from lying flat on the head.


Be Gentle When Washing Your Hair

When washing the hair, do it gently and avoid combing it while it is still soaking wet. Doing so can easily lead to breakage. However, if you do choose to comb your hair, go for the wide-tooth comb that would almost effortlessly go through your hair at each comb stroke.

Another thing that can cause frizzy hair is rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel during drying. Avoid doing that on a towel. Instead, squeeze the hair into the towel and then let it loose for a while so that it can air dry. In addition, avoid using a blow dryer to dry your hair when wet as this will cause or worsen frizzing.


Use the Right Products

To obtain and maintain that smooth and silky appearance in humid conditions, use hair products containing such as pomatum that traps moisture within the hair. Make sure you apply the product all around the hair in order to have an even feel and effect.


Using Home Remedies

Another thing you could do to battle frizzy hair is to use one of the home remedies. One commonly used is to create a ‘hair mask’ by mixing two eggs with 40ml of mayonnaise. Apply this mixture to your hair and leave it for 30 minutes before you wash it thoroughly.


The Use of Straightening Iron

A straightening iron is another way to straighten your hair. Take note, however, that if you choose to go for the straightening iron, it must be viewed as an exception and complementary to the other processes outlined in this article. This is because a straightening iron causes hair weakening and breakage in the long run.

You can complement the final look with hairspray for that glossy finish but this is not mandatory.