How to Make a Conditioning Hot Oil Treatment

Using a conditioning hot oil treatment on the hair once a week can really give that extra nourishment it longs for.

Not everyone will want to part with their hard-earned money to splash out on expensive treatments – but the good news is you don’t have to. Listen up – you can make an effective hot oil treatment in your own home without emptying out your pockets. Sound good? Read on.

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We can perhaps thank the Italians for this – their olive oil-rich diet really shows in their luxurious long dark locks. Olives or olive oil is one of the best organic ingredients that can provide a natural defense against dry or brittle hair.

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money on olive oil and most of you will probably own a bottle for the purpose of cooking anyway. Olive oil helps from within but also using it directly on the hair as a conditioning treatment can give extra elasticity and mega shine!

Let me run you through the process of how to make your very own conditioning hot oil treatment. All you will need is about half a cup of olive oil, a microwave, a shower cap, and a wide-toothed comb. Let’s go:

Make sure that your cup or bowl is microwave-proof. Add the olive oil (half a cup as mentioned before) and heat for a length of 30 seconds.

Now, this is best carried out in your bathroom, so head there with your hot olive oil. So far so good.

Step 1.

You might want to stand in the bath so as not to cause a mess. Smooth the olive oil onto your hair with your fingers. Concentrate it more at the roots and the ends of the hair shaft.

Step 2.

Once you are satisfied that the oil is well-massaged into the hair, place the shower cap over your head.

Step 3.

It is up to you now whether you choose to relax while it does its work or if you want to continue with something else – I recommend staying indoors though whilst your still in your cap! For the best results, leave the cap on for a good half an hour.

Step 4.

Once the time is up you can get back under the shower and give your hair a cool rinse, washing it with shampoo to remove the oil. Massage the scalp well and you might even want to wash twice to make sure all the oil is lifted out of the hair.

Step 5.

Condition the hair as usual and run a wide-toothed comb through it. Let it dry naturally if you can and be prepared to see instant results!

Just a warning or two – never overheat the oil. As a rule, if it is too hot to touch it will also be too hot to apply to hair. The treatment only needs to be carried out once a week for well-nourished hair and don’t forget that using olive oil in cooking and in dressings will also condition the hair from within.