How to Make a Sugar Scrub Recipe

If you are interested in how to make a Sugar Scrub Recipe, you will benefit from reading this homemade beauty recipe guide. A sugar body scrub will help to wash away all of the dead skin on your body and will leave your skin smooth, and smelling beautiful.

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It is not at all hard to make your own scrub and only takes a little time. In this guide, I will share with you a very simple recipe that only takes a few materials. Here, you will learn the steps on how to make a sugar body scrub quickly and easily!

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Materials Needed for Sugar Scrub Recipe:

* One cup of white sugar

* One cup of coarse brown sugar

* Half a cup of vanilla beans

* Lavender Essential Oil

* Non-Scented Baby Oil

* Container for storage that has a lid


The first step to creating a sugar body scrub at home is to take the vanilla beans that you have gathered for the mixture and combine them with the sugar that you have gathered for the product. It is then a good idea to avoid mixing the beans into the sugar. You will need to remove them at a later time, so just placing them on top of the sugar and then sealing the container will be sufficient. You should place the container in a cool location for approximately five to seven days.


If you do not want to wait five to seven days for the mixture to acquire the beautiful smell of vanilla, you may substitute the beans for vanilla extract. If you use the extract, simply add approximately one-fourth of a cup to the sugar mixture and combine it thoroughly.


Now, take out the unscented baby oil and pour it on top of the mixture. Keep in mind that it is not important to completely soak the mixture. As a matter of fact, you will just want to saturate the top section of the mixture.


Once the oil has been placed in the sugar body scrub, it is time to add a little bit of that lavender essential oil that you have designated for the project. You should add between three and five drops of this oil.


Once everything has been added to the mixture, you should get a large fork and mix the items together thoroughly. You want to ensure that all of the ingredients mix well together. Once mixed, you may use it immediately, or you may store for later use.

Now you know how to make a sugar body scrub. Keep in mind, though, that this is only one recipe. You can use many different oil combinations. You can use one type of sugar instead of two types. 

You can even use food coloring and place the mixture in decorative bottles. The choice is yours! Experiment with different types of oils from fruits and essential oils until you have discovered a recipe that will work for you.